2 Wig Experts Answer Most Asked Questions & Show 20 Wigs

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In this video, Rochelle and Doris come together to go over many of the most asked questions in the wig world!  Doris will also try on many different wig styles, while wearing different outfits!  When getting ready, she chooses her clothes and then the "hair" to match. Whether it's her "going out to lunch with the girls" look while wearing a red wig, her casual look with a brown wig or lace front wig, or a dressy option in a sexy blond wig style, Doris shows how wearing wigs can completely change your look!  

Here are some of the questions Rochelle and Doris will answer:
-What do I do when I get a new wig?
-How do I build my confidence in wearing wigs?
-Are wigs hot?
-How do I trim the bangs on my wig?
-Can you switch the part on a wig?
-How do I care for my high-quality synthetic wig?
-Can I use a wig to grow out my gray hair?
-Do wigs help make you feel better during hair loss?
And so much more!!!