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50+ Tips from Our Clients to You!


We posted this question on our Facebook group called “Godiva's Secret Wig Community” and here are the answers we got:


If you had one piece of advice for brand new wig wearers, what would it be?


1. Positive perseverance is the key. There were ups and downs in my wig wearing journey. It took time to get in the groove and learn what works best and makes me comfortable and happy. For me it's an ever dynamic journey in progress. It's worth it!

Melinda B.


2. The first time you wear it go somewhere you don’t know anyone, so you don't have to stress about looking different and this gives you time to get used to it.

Leah A.


3. First wear makeup! Try your wigs and let them grow on you. It takes a while to see how great they make you look. Don’t cut or thin right away. Give yourself time to love it as is. You can always trim later. Enjoy the ride.

Vivian C.


4. Be brave. 99% of people will never think you are wearing a wig!

Carolyn S.


5. Be open about wearing a wig, women color their bio hair and use hair extensions etc, so why hide the fact that you are wearing a wig. Just have fun with it. That being said I need to listen to my own words LOL.

Carolyn J.


6. Don't be in a hurry. Wear your new wig around for a while before you start cutting and resizing. (Except bangs) It will stretch a bit. You might want that length to give you more options. Just relax and get to know your new hair. Try some new things, colors and styles.

Sheri L.


7. Don’t send it immediately back. I have purchased 5 wigs from GSW in the last month, sent three back quickly. They scared me. But now that I love love the two I kept, I wish I had not sent back one of the three.

Give it time before deciding not to keep. I have a new one on the way to me now.

Hilda L.


8. Look at the wig. Hold it in your hand, perhaps in front of a window. See it's beauty. Then know that it will look just as beautiful ON YOUR HEAD!

Mary B.


9. Wear it like you grew it.

Shirley B.


10. Be confident!

You'll be lovely and out the door so much faster than before. It's a game changer & will give you more time & energy to focus on more enjoyable things rather than getting ready.

Terry A.


11. Allow yourself time to get used to seeing yourself differently. Most people are used to having thin or no hair so to all of the sudden have a full head of hair can be overwhelming.

Tish D.


12. be afraid to try something different. Purchase a wig with a different style and a different color other than your bio hair. Put some make up on that is going to bring out the wig and your face, some lipstick, and just have fun and be proud!

Sharon A.


13. In the beginning I was leery about wearing a wig but after a while I found it was great! Very convenient and I get lots of compliments. I now have more than one wig.

Cristy Q.


14. Don't Be afraid! I cried for a week. Finally took a deep breath and wore my first wig to church. I got so many compliments and still do....that I haven't looked back. Dry your tears, put extra make up on....and GO! It's changed my life!!!

Cindy N.


15. It's all about the internal dialogue. You are NOT being an imposter. You deserve to look good. You're not being fake. She's not fake. She's top quality, her style is impeccable, and you can't help but look good. You'll wear it like a queen if you give yourself the respect and credit you're entitled to. Head up, shoulders back, and get going. Dare anyone to say you don't look sharp.



16. Have fun with your wigs! You may be amazed at how different you look and feel!

Laura G.


17. Put it on and go somewhere where people don't know you. Work with it, watch videos , and you'll get used to it. After a while, with confidence, it becomes part of you. My friend told me, "I put it on and never looked back."

Dolly B.


18. Don't be too quick in grabbing scissors. You are not used to seeing yourself with more hair. Give it a few tries. You may end up loving the look..and it won't grow back.

Donna M.


19. You are buying a wig/top/etc. to have more hair or look better, so don't be surprised that the wig/topper/etc. looks fuller than your bio hair ENJOY IT!!!!!

Sherry E.


20. Best advice I got was to wear it at home first and get used to it, then take it out in public. Also, let a good trusted friend see it first, that boosted my self confidence.

Hannah T.


21. Never give up! The perfect one is out there and you will find her.

Cecelia E.


22. Be patient and give yourself time to get used to seeing volume on your head. It's not actually too much hair. Wear it around the house a few weeks. Get used to seeing yourself in the mirror. People that see you will not immediately know you're wearing a wig. Strangers don't care about your hair actually. Ha!

Sharon C.


23. Don’t give up. Just play with it and war it every day for a month, no matter what!

Renee H.


24. You will, most likely, be put off by the amount of hair and not to be afraid of that. It happens to many of us, with our first wig.

Mollie D.


25. If you love it on yourself, go out and wear it proudly. Other people really don't care about it, and probably think your hair looks great and wish there's looked so good. Own your look and accept it and others will too. Do get honest assessment from good, honest friend on whether the style and color are for you. Not every color and style works on everyone-except maybe Mary B.!! (on the Facebook Group lol)

Ann Marie L.


26. Just remember we are always harder on ourselves then others are. Truth is people really don't notice much. People will say Wow your hair looks so good. New color? Did you get it cut? And you say yes. And I always just say thank you so much. It is up to you to tell them it is a wig or not. After all you paid for it so it is your hair. Wear it around the house until you feel comfortable with it. Play with different styles. It will at first look strange to you because it is more hair then we have been use to. I love my wigs and not one person has ever said is that a wig?

Katherine R.


27. Get the position at forehead right.

Toni B.


28. I love wearing wigs!!! I’ve always wanted a lot of hair and now I can have it . Wigs are such fun. I have many and enjoy each and every one! Some shorter and some longer and I never care what anyone thinks. Just have fun with them and wear them proudly.

Luella T.


29. Put it on and style it. Wear it. It will seem strange at first, but eventually you'll love it.

Cindy C.


30. Keep trying….i had such a problem with figuring out color then I finally bought one. I was second guessing myself and it turned out perfect!!!!

Marla B.


31. Measure your head, so the fit will accommodate you. Wigs come in different sizes. You want to have a comfortable fit, so you can feel more confident! Purchasing a wig for the first time can be overwhelming!

Barbara H.


32. Accept that you have hair loss and celebrate the positives: it’s easier to wear a wig then all you had to go through when you had your own hair most the time all you have to do is shake and wear.

MarLyn O.


33. If you feel funny about the top, maybe too fluffy, round, high, etc (but it really isn't), wear sunglasses on your head when you go out. Totally works for making a new wig look normal.

Candice P.


34. Trust a selfie more than the mirror. Take pictures of yourself!

Deb L.


35. I really didn't have a choice and I love the convenience. No more trying to fix what little hair I had.

Joanne N.


36. People aren't noticing that it's a wig. It feels funny to you but you'll get used to it &.. people aren't noticing... honestly.

Dina E.


37. If you love the way it looks on you, that is all that matters!!!!

Freda J.


38. Don't give up. It takes time, patience and education to get good at putting them on and styling them. It also takes time to get used to wearing them and seeing yourself as "normal" in them. It's ok to be scared, it's ok to not be ok with it, and it's ok to ask for help. It does get better.

Melissa O.


39. Give it a chance. You're used to looking in the mirror and seeing little or no hair. When you first put the wig on, even if it is a lightly densed wig, you will think you have too much hair. Live with it for a while. As Ro says, play with it, run your fingers through it, shake it upside down and put it back on. The wig that I thought I would never wear has turned out to be my favorite. Remember, and this is my philosophy, no one knows it's a wig, but you.

Brenda W.


40. Go for it. There is NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. IT'S JUST A WIG AND YOU MAY BE SURPRISED at how easy it is and how much better you feel.

Ava S.


41. Get used to seeing yourself in the mirror with your very first wig. Wear it in the house for a few days to get used to it. Learn to style it and have proper brushes and combs. Do not wash it with regular shampoo. Buy a bottle of wig shampoo and do not use heat on a synthetic wig (except the 1” Hot Air Brush). Try and get a color close to your own hair.

Mary Ann N.


42. Don’t worry about venturing out the first time. People don’t actually pay any attention to. Just own it girl!!!

Bonnie P.


43. Select a style, color and length close to your own so you will be more comfortable wearing it.

Peg C.


-Totally agree! It was the fear of not looking like myself that deterred me for many months. Then I purchased a wig that was closer to my bio color and length. I didn’t feel “conspicuous” and got so much braver about wig wearing. Now I have several different wigs that I can choose from depending on my mood.
Lynn M.


-Totally agree. My first 4 wigs were exactly my hair colour (chestnut). I then ventured into two in Marble Brown and will try Frosted Taupe next.
Missy P.


44. DON’T give up!!!

This is life changing in the most positive way!!!

Make this a fun hobby and learn tips from an accepting community here!!  Keep asking questions and you will learn to love this journey!!

Susan C.


45. Patience. Try again. Know that you may need to put it away and try another day because perspective could be very different.

Sandie W.


46. Don't panic, give it time and have patience. Keep in touch with this group (Godiva's Secret Wig Community on Facebook). It has given me so much confidence to feel comfortable changing my look.

Sandy M.


47. Let your work, husband , family and friends know they’ll soon be seeing you with hair and own it, that’s what I did.

Donna S.


48. Stay in this group (Godiva's Secret Wig Community on Facebook). Seeing everyone becoming happy and comfortable is a gift by itself. You'll relate to half the stories, and you'll see styles that look like you!!

Kate M.


49. Watch Ro and Danielle's videos on YouTube before you buy.

Judith E.


50. Take your time playing with it, wear it around the house and maybe to the grocery store. It won’t be long before the wig is what you reach for first thing in the morning. At least I do now.

Joan S.


51. Be patient. Get comfortable with the way it feels and confident that you look great. Wear it different ways. But most of all have fun with it.

Joan W.


52. Don’t be afraid.

Kristy N.


53. Watch as many videos that you can! YouTube is amazing for tutorials as well! And don’t be hard on yourself. You will feel people can tell your wearing a wig but trust me most have no idea!

Donna J.


54. Love yourself and have fun. I watched a lot of videos and reviews. I still do.

Sharon R.


55. At first wig wearing can be daunting but then it becomes a whole new world to embrace and share with others.

Mo L.


56. Own it.

Joanne W.


57. Wear it proudly.

Paula I.


58. Enjoy your journey!

MaryAnn M.


59. Hold your head up high and wear your "hair for your hair" with confidence!

Janet H.


60. No one is expecting you to be wearing a wig, so relax. All they'll see is a confident, beautiful woman with to die for hair! I've told people I was wearing a wig and they wouldn't believe me until I showed them. Even then, they were shaking their head in disbelief! Have fun!! Be free.

Debbie P.


61. Give it time! I started buying wigs in March of this year. I have really thin fine hair and getting thinner as I age. My first wigs I thought wow that is way too much hair....I was used to seeing my fine hair. I didn't start wearing wigs out until I think it was August! I am still allittle shy about wearing the Sandy Silver...why I don't know!! LOL But it will come around...I'll get to that point one day! Just enjoy the fun of wearing wigs!
Kathy M.

62. Own it! Self love is the best love.
Linda A.




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