Partial Mono Top


At Godiva's Secret Wigs, we offer a variety of wig options for women looking for a comfortable and natural-looking hair replacement solution. One popular type of wig we offer is the partial mono top wig.

Partial mono top wigs are designed to provide a natural look and feel by featuring a monofilament or sheer mesh material in only a portion of the wig cap. This material allows for greater breathability and comfort, while still providing a natural-looking appearance at the scalp.

Our collection of partial mono top wigs features a range of styles, including short, medium, and long, to suit any preference or aesthetic. We also offer multiple color choices, including grey, blonde, brunette, and red. The monofilament material in these wigs is strategically placed in the crown area or the front hairline, depending on the style and design of the wig. This allows for greater versatility in styling options, such as the ability to part the hair in different directions or create a more natural-looking hairline.

Our partial mono top wigs are made with synthetic fibers and are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit. They are also easy to care for and maintain, making them a convenient and practical choice for women looking for a low-maintenance hair replacement solution.

Whether you're experiencing hair loss due to medical treatment, age, or other reasons, a partial mono top wig can provide you with the confidence and comfort you need to feel like yourself again. At Godiva's Secret Wigs, we are committed to providing high-quality wigs that look and feel natural, and our collection of partial mono top wigs is no exception.

If you're interested in exploring our collection of partial mono top wigs, we invite you to browse our selection online or contact us for more information. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always here to help you find the perfect wig for your needs and preferences.