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Wavy Top w/ Roots

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Weight: 3 oz | Height of Base: 6.5" | Hair Length: 9-12" |

Wavy Top w/ Roots's Info

Features: Machine-Teased
Also available in Non-Rooted Colors and a Monofilament Version

If you have wavy or curly hair, the Wavy Top is the perfect top piece for you! Use it to add fullness and volume instantly, cover undesirable roots, add layers to your hair, and much more! It's very easy to trim bangs into this piece as well. Don't worry about getting an exact color match with your own hair; find a color you love, and match your hair to this piece! This top piece attaches with 4 metal wig clips; these clips will stay in even the thinnest and most slippery hair.

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Please Note: This is a machine-teased top piece, which is teased at the crown, allowing you to choose the amount of volume you want! Add more height with a teasing comb, pat it down flatter with your hands, or anything in between!

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