English Toffee-R Color / Veda Lace Front w/ Roots / Short Wig

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English Toffee-R Color / Veda Lace Front w/ Roots / Short Wig
Color Chart / Veda LF w/ Roots / Short Wig

Veda LF w/ Roots (short wig)

Regular price$299.00

Bangs: 3" | Crown: 2.5" | Nape: 1.5" | Weight: 2 oz |

Veda LF w/ Roots (short wig)'s Info

Veda LF w/ Roots (short wig)

Cap Size: Average
Features: Lace Front, Partial Monofilament (on left side of crown)
Also available in a Non-Rooted Color

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Please Note: LF stands for Lace Front. This wig has a pre-cut delicate lace at the hairline of the wig, creating an amazingly realistic look at your hairline. Please be cautious not to brush the lace area too hard, as you could pull strands of hair out or possibly tear the lace. Treat this wig like delicate lingerie. Partial Monofilament means that part of the cap on this wig is made of a see-through material, which gives the appearance of a natural scalp at the crown. The hairs on this part of the crown are individually hand-tied and will lay much flatter on the head, because there is no machine-teasing.

**Due to the delicate nature of the lace front, if any Metal Clips are sewn into the front of this wig, it is considered a Final Sale as those clips cannot be removed. Thank you.

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