Coffee Latte Color and Mochaccino Color

Shown in Marble Brown (top) and Mochaccino (bottom)

Mochaccino Color and Expresso Color
Mochaccino Color and Expresso Color

Secret Scrunchie

Regular price$24.00

Weight: 0.5 oz | Overall Length: 5" |

Secret Scrunchie's Info

Secret Scrunchie Colors

We are so excited to debut our first ever Secret Scrunchie, which is available in all of our most popular wig and top piece colors! Use our Secret Scrunchie for a simple updo, or easily dress it up for a special occasion. Combine 2-3 Secret Scrunchies for a beautiful chignon or fuller look. The possibilities are endless with the Secret Scrunchie! Be sure to watch our video to see a few of the ways to wear it. Remember: Your scrunchie has been traveling; be sure to shake it out or brush it out to fluff it up before wearing it out.

*Note: Color blending may be slightly different than the way the colors are blended in your wig or top piece, but rest assured that they are the same base colors.

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