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Protective Face Mask- Grey

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Protective Face Mask- Grey's Info

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Wig shown in this picture is Freedom w/ Roots in Nutmeg-F. (wig not included)

Key Features:
4 Breathable Layers
Reusable up to 30 Washes
Bacterial Prevention
Water Repellent

Layer 1 (outer layer)- Water repellent and prevents the inhalation of unsafe and wet particles
Layers 2-3 (middle layers)- These layers are treated with Agion Silver & Copper ion Zeolite technology - proven to prevent bacteria and to inactivate viruses
Layer 4 (inner layer)- This layer is breathable and soft. It is also treated with Agion Silver & Copper ion Zeolite

Research at the University of Arizona prove the Agion Silver & Copper ion Zeolite technology has antimocrobial efficacy and inactivates some strains of viruses. This 4-layer construction has been proven to filter particulate matter droplets and aerosol matters that carry bacteria and unsafe particles.

*Wash before use.
1. Place mask on your face with clean hands to fully cover your nose and mouth. Make sure shinier material is on the outside.
2. To remove, take mask off by the ear loops and avoid touching the outside of the mask.

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