keep it curly hair gel

keep it curly hair gel

Keep It Curly Hair Gel

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Keep It Curly Hair Gel's Info

Keep It Curly Hair Gel has NO alcohol and is perfect for synthetic wigs and hairpieces as well as human hair.

Change frizz back to curl on your synthetic wigs or human hair. Perfect for using after washing or in between. “Keep It Curly” Hair Gel is a light to medium hold styling gel with Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) which helps prevent dryness on both synthetic and human hair. This botanically enriched, alcohol free formula promotes long lasting moisture and hold to the hair and mildly conditions without build-up. Lock in curls or achieve the wet look with “Keep It Curly” Hair Gel.


For Synthetic Wigs: Be sure wig is dry before applying. Pour a nickel size of gel into the palm of your hand (add more based on wig length). Rub hands together and apply to your curls with an open palm and scrunch up. Let air dry. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB WHILE DRYING.

For Human Hair: Apply on wet or dry hair, as directed above.

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