Dark Brown / GS Eyebrow Kit
GS Eyebrow Kit - Dark Brown

GS Eyebrow Kit - Dark Brown

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Whether you've lost your eyebrows from chemotherapy treatment, had a bad waxing or plucking job, or just have less of an eyebrow than you'd like, this is the perfect kit for you! In 4 quick and easy steps, you can have the perfect eyebrows, every day!

Step 1: Select the stencil that matches your brow shape, or the shape you would like to have.
Step 2: Place the stencil over your brow, or where your brow would normally be.
Step 3: Dab Brush into the Powder and then brush color onto your brow through the stencil.
Step 4: Remove stencil, wipe it off, flip it over and do the other brow the same way.

Kit includes:
*6 Eyebrow Stencils
*2 Eyebrow Brushes
*Eyebrow Powder

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