Creamy Toffee / Danielle Bang

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Creamy Toffee / Danielle Bang
Creamy Toffee / Danielle Bang

Danielle Bang- Creamy Toffee

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Danielle Bang- Creamy Toffee's Info

Creamy Toffee is a blend of honey blond and golden blond. (Note: This color is slightly darker than the Creamy Toffee found in our wigs.) This flexible headband is perfect for women who want the illusion of bangs that never frizz. They're light, comfortable and unbelievably realistic looking! (Turban not included.)

Wear them under any hat, turban or scarf; you'll love how comfortable and flexible this headband is to wear all day long. They're fantastic for travel, bad hair days, hot flashes and hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, alopecia, radiation or genetic hair loss.

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